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Aiutaci ad aiutarle: un sostegno alle donne Sherpa

SALEWA and Sherpa Women: Help us to help.
Support to women Sherpa with a solidarity project that provides donations and fundraising

The passion he has for the sport in SALEWA high altitude knows no limits and that’s why the brand of South Tyrol, a leading mountain sports, is committed to the people and cultures who share this same passion. An example is the Sherpa of Nepal, but unfortunately, in this reality, women are in a situation of social disadvantage. SALEWA focuses on the philosophy of the people, saying that every individual must have his chance.

Living up to its creed, the South Tyrolean brand kicked off a series of initiatives, advanced by a visit to Nepal, which occurred in 2011, fundamental to touch the specific situation and establish the first contacts with the NGO “Empowering Women of Nepal “. From this starting point the project was born of solidarity “Sherpa Women”. For every item sold the Outdoor collection will be donated 1 Euro to the joint initiative in Nepal.

From March 2013, a new action has been taken, a real collection of solidarity: “giving a piece of outdoor clothing that you no longer use, in good condition and we will give it to women SALEWA Sherpa. For you, a discount on the purchase of a product SALEWA. “.

SALEWA has chosen as partner of the operation the non-profit association – FWS (http://www.fws.de/EN/index.html)

FWS will use the leaders in two different ways:
1. Heads mettibili be sold to developing countries at subsidized prices;
2. The leaders not sold will be re-used to produce insulation materials;

The proceeds from the sale of both actions, in October 2013, SALEWA will donate the association Sherpa Women – NGO Empowering Women of Nepal (a non-governmental body that aims to empower women using them as Nepalese mountain guides).